Being A Professional

The last few times I’ve been lucky enough to fly, I’ve been struck by watching the cabin crew carry out the safety demonstration.

It’s always entertaining to watch them do it: Some keep a poker face, some smile at the passengers, while others seem to be cracking a private joke with their colleagues. I imagine they have done it so many times they could probably do it with their eyes closed.

Often, I suppose they probably don’t feel like doing the task that seems like the millionth repetition. Most passengers keep their headphones in, carry on chatting or simply ignore them.

But it doesn’t matter how they’re feeling, they still do the safety demonstration. Every single time.

They repeat the demonstration like the first time they did it.


Yes, because they have to, but also because they’re professionals. They do it because they have a responsibility to do so and it’s important. (I’d be worried if they decided today that they weren’t going to do the safety demonstration because they “didn’t feel like it”!)

No, they turn up and do their job, even when they’re not buzzing with excitement about it, because it’s about being a professional. It’s about trust and showing up for those we serve because we need to earn and maintain their trust. We do important work for others when we don’t feel like it because we’re professionals.

In what area of your life are you a professional?

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