A Merry Christmas?

I’m so lucky to be able to spend Christmas at home, surrounded by loved ones. But not everyone is. It can be a difficult and lonely time for many people; a reminder of memories and loss.

I was talking to a friend’s mum the other day, who’s a nurse. They were telling me about how they used to take great joy in working on Christmas Day before children came along. She got quite emotional sharing how she’d felt called to serve those who were suffering at this time of year.

We’re so lucky to have nurses, doctors, carers and first responders who give up their time during the festive season to serve and be with those in need. They are living witness of self-emptying love for their “neighbour”.

For all those who are lonely or have lost loved ones during this time, may they comforted.

Do you know someone, who truly gives of themselves to serve others, that you can thank today?