“I’m Starving”

I always end up eating and drinking too much over Christmas.

In the festive spirit of good food and good company, I often overindulge and can become greedy – especially where chocolate is concerned.

But I’ve noticed myself saying this phrase, “I’m starving” a lot recently. I’ve noticed this because I’m trying to be more conscious of the words I use.

I’m not actually starving at all. In fact, I’m very lucky to have food and clean water provided every single day. I’m not starving, I’m probably just a bit peckish. I’ve never truly known hunger and probably never will.

1 in 7 people go hungry every night around the world. One third of all food is wasted. These stats are shocking.

We’ve become so used to comfort and convenience that the slightest feeling of discomfort outrages us. I’m trying to be more grateful for every single meal I have because some people do not get that luxury.

Our words matter. We can change our vocabulary and raise awareness about what is happening.

Are you grateful for the food on your table?