Out Of Control

Someone I knew was flying last weekend and they heard this come over the loudspeaker, as their plane approached the landing:

This is your captain speaking. We’re going to have to fly through a thunderstorm and we will experience severe turbulence on the way down. I strongly recommend you read the safety card on the seat in front of you. If we do have to make an emergency landing, please do not attempt to take any luggage with you, but wait to be directed by the cabin crew”.

This was for real. Our family friend told us they were absolutely terrified.

But what was most surprising was the reaction of the sister she was flying with – she appeared to be completely.

How are you so calm?”

Well, there’s nothing we can do about it is there?” Was the response.

Thankfully, they landed safely.

There is a space between the stimulus (the thunderstorm) and response (panic) where we can choose how to respond. When faced with fear, our natural instinct is of course to panic. But can we choose to fight against the Lizard Brain in our heads?

There will be something today that is out of your control. How will choose to react to it?