The Power Of “No”

“No” can be such a powerful word if we allow it.

A “No” can take away 100 other decisions of “Yes”. But why do we find it so hard to say?

It’s because “No” is associated with feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, fear of missing out – the list goes on. It takes courage to say “No”. I find it very difficult because I don’t want to miss out on things or not take the opportunities presented to me.

But sooner or later, our choice to say “Yes” too many times puts us in a position where “No” is inevitable. We’ve burnt out or taken on so much we’re overwhelmed and can’t cope. We need to flip this paradigm so we can say the “No” that gives us more time, peace of mind and freedom to say “Yes” to what matters to us.

Who or what do you need to say “No” to in your life at the moment?