The Gift Of Giving

Every year it seems to me like there’s more and more emphasis on buying presents for Christmas.

It sounds ironic, but as soon as Halloween is over, the shops starting putting out the Christmas decorations to entice customers to start thinking about the next celebration.

The commercialisation of Christmas is all around us and I do think many people, myself included, feel increasing pressure to buy “better” gifts for loved ones. We may try and outdo others in price, quality or experience of presents. (I always end up worrying about my terrible wrapping too!)

But every year I am taught by one of my dear Aunties about what it truly means to give at Christmas.

Every year she goes out of her way to buy things for us and she has for the last 20 odd years. It’s not the fact that she actually buys lots of gifts for us, but rather the time and care she takes to get them, wrap them and make sure we still have something to open on Christmas Day – long after our other aunties and uncles stopped buying us gifts at age 18 (which is completely reasonable I’d like to say!)

Why does she keep doing this?

Because she loves us. She would rather spend time and money on us to bring us joy than on herself. (Is that what it means to “give” to others?) It’s something I’ve been reflecting on, as I spent time worrying about how much to spend and what to get my loved ones over the last few weeks.

Have you managed to truly “give” to others this festive season?