A Bumpy Road Ahead?

In the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, she spoke about how the past year had been a bit “bumpy”. Looking back on a year of ups and downs, you could say a lot has happened; a lot of good things and many not so good. The use of her word “bumpy” is interesting. I think how we view things very much depends on our perspective. We all know people who seem to see the negative in everything and others that seem to always have a positive outlook – which can annoy us when we clearly see that not everything is sunshine and rainbows!

But “bumpy” seems to encompass both. I wonder if the Queen sees things as having moved forward this year, but that there have also been many setbacks and struggles along the way?

The pattern of reality seems to be saying that the road ahead will continue to be bumpy: there will be more ups and downs, life and death, joy and sadness, growth and change. It seems like we can’t have one without the other. I will end this reflection with two questions to ponder:

What do we choose to focus on when looking back over the past year?

What will you choose to focus on in the coming year?