Unspoken Issues

I met a friend a few weeks who I really needed to speak to. We are close, but seem to have drifted apart recently. It was good to catch up on life, but the longer the conversation went on, the deeper it got. It was one of those chats that I enjoy having. I think there’s a certain point in a conversation that, by some unspoken acknowledgement, both people know they can be open and vulnerable and it moves into a profound space.

I came to the conversation hoping to address an issue between the two of us, but the more time we spent together, the more the problem seemed to evaporate into something of small importance. I had turned a very real issue into a much bigger problem in my head and it was impacting “Phil’s (small) world”. 

However, I felt so comfortable that I explained the original problem that had been bothering me. We spoke about it and I listened to their point of view and although they interpreted it differently to my surprise, they also acknowledged there was an issue between us. This meant that we could talk about it in an open and loving way and I feel that now, we can move beyond it into a deeper friendship. It had been an unspoken problem that was growing between us until we both cut it at the roots. And on deeper reflection we both realised that our friendship was much bigger than this issue.

This is a gift of friendships. Do you have an issue with one of your dear friends that you know needs addressing and is impacting you both?