Reflections Of Ourselves

Why do we do the work we do?

I was speaking with a friend recently, who told me how see themselves in the people they work with.

It’s easy to go through the motions in the work we do, perhaps we don’t always seeing the original purpose or joy we had in choosing what we do.

This is normal.

We can’t always show up and have a “great day”. These are wonderful when they happen and must be cherished. But the vast majority of the work we do will be mundane. It will the slow, continuous grind of hard work. We shouldn’t look at our work with either “rose” or “gray” tinted glasses. It’s not all wonderful and not all bad.

But it is those special moments when we’re reminded why we do what we do. A certain person or experience will show us a glimpse, a reflection of why we started in the first place.

Can you think of someone who inspired you to do what you do now? 

(P.S. Even better, is there way you could show them how grateful you are for the impact they’ve had on your life?)

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