“Life Is Compromise”

Being selfish is easy.

We can live a happy life by doing exactly what we want and when we want. It’s often a lot easier to please ourselves when we don’t have people telling us what to do or why. I will admit I like to do things my way and don’t mind being on my own. It’s often easier and less hassle.

This is okay for some people and at certain times. But life isn’t just about us as individuals. Life is relationship. Life is community with others.

“Life is compromise” is how my dad described it when we discussed relationships and people on the Camino de Santiago walk we did last year.

And it’s hard to compromise. Our egos don’t like the pushback because “I think I’m right” most (or all) of the time. Well, yes, we are right. But so is the other person. Their story, their narrative, their experiences, opinions and worldview will shape them the same into believing they’re “right” too.

So, if we’re both right, what can we do?

We can seek out the Other with compassion, humility and patience. We can learn to say “Both And”. We’re both probably half right and we’re both probably half wrong. But let’s move forward, in relationship, and seek to serve those around us. Seek to be more selfless than selfish.

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