Why Worry?

That was the name of a poem my mum used to have pinned to a cupboard in our kitchen.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about recently after my uni exam period came to an end. I spent a lot of the Christmas break worrying about my exams. I tried to do work when I could, but I wanted to be present with my family and friends too – it was a holiday after all!

However, I found myself doing too much work at times and I think I was missing the point of being at home. I wasn’t sleeping well and I remember one night lying awake thinking about questions that would be on my German History exam in June – let alone the exams I had this month!

How had I allowed myself to get to this point?

Worrying is something I really struggle with. I think it’s part of my personality and it’s clearly part of the package, so I try to manage it. I remember stopping myself that night when worrying about the June exam and telling myself: “Phil, you can’t do anything about that now. You can’t influence it. You won’t be writing the exam questions. What you can do tomorrow is some work on your history essay. But what you need to do now is rest.”

Worry can consume me if I allow it. I’m trying to be more mindful of it because in the end, like my exams, it will pass. Is there something worrying you at the moment?