Practising What You Preach

At my worst, I know I can be a bit of a “Pharisee”.

A hypocrite, self-righteous, critical of most things and others.

On other days, I can go the other way. Be self-critical and self-deprecating. Not good either.

Why do I keep writing these blogs?

I write them because I know I can be both of the above. I preach about trying to grow, be more inclusive, more compassionate and more loving. But I struggle to do it every single day. That’s why I write. I can look back on my day and think, “I didn’t do that very well. I wasn’t very kind there. I fell back into my old ways.”

I’m trying to be better every day. I hope this blog can help you to do that too. That day by day, we can practise what we preach and live out the call to be better people.

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