“I Don’t Know When It Happened”

I remember that line from one of my favourite books. I remember being in a talk where the author, David Wells, told the story that inspired the chapter. I remember the goosebumps on hearing the account of how one of the most difficult students he’d ever taught came up to him in a quiet Cathedral and thanked him for the work he’d done. For being an inspiration. I’ve spoken about seeing reflections of others before.

It is these reflections that inspire us to become the teachers, nurses, writers, or whatever we are called to do.  We see the reflections of those people who’ve inspired us and we desire to go on and do the same. Often we don’t know the impact we have on people and may never see the fruits of the good work we do. But if we’re lucky enough to see them, we can remember with confidence that we are doing good work. It does matter and so do we. We are inspiring others without even realising it. It is not by our own efforts and for our own gain that we do the work we do.  We need to humble enough to acknowledge that we’re participating in something greater than ourselves. The gift is knowing we can choose to do good work.

How will you choose to do good work today?