Fruitful, Not Productive

“Have you had a fruitful day?”

One of my friends asked this question the other day and went on to explain the importance of the word “fruitful”.

We live in a culture that obsesses over productivity and creating something of value all the time. This is important, but when everything we do becomes a commodity to exchange, we become machines, not people. Pre-Industrial Revolution, it was the land that beared fruit. There were no machines to constantly produce.

Now we feel that we have to be constantly producing, we neglect the importance of leisure time and rest. We have to be “busy” all the time and have “no time” to rest in stillness. Sometimes, we need to take time to do something other than our “jobs”. A lot of the things we do can be Creative Time, if we change our perspective.

Have you had a fruitful week?

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