Holding On To A Vision

One thing I’ve been wrestling with at uni recently is my purpose here.

I know I can slip into a negative mindset and go through the motions at times; thinking this seminar or that lecture is a waste of time. I struggle with how certain things are taught and I think different people learn in different ways – a “one size fits all” is not a good method for teaching the masses, in my opinion.

I know I can get bogged down going through Spanish and German grammar exercises, but that won’t really matter in the end. What will matter is if I’ve moved forward on my journey of learning.

What’s important, and what I’m trying to do more of this semester before I go on my Year Abroad, is to hold on to a vision of the future. The hope of doing something that matters after all the time spent in the education system.

Uni isn’t for everyone and that is okay.

But for everyone who is learning, there needs to a goal to strive for after years of hard work. That will be your motivation when the going gets tough.

Do you have a vision for the future?