What’s It All About?

Some time has passed since Christmas now and I found a card the other day with these wonderful words written inside:

“Behind all the presents, the food and the booze is something we all desire as humans: to love others and be loved.” 

I wish I could write with that clarity on this blog every day! 

We try to show that love through giving presents, which is lovely, but just by being with those we love is a gift. Time in the presence of these people is precious and it’s easy to forget that in the madness of Christmastime (and the commercialisation of it all, but I will save that post for another day!)

Often we get caught up in the means and miss the importance of the message. Christmas is a wonderful practical opportunity to give. It reminds us of this daily desire and our call to serve others.

How have you been giving to others since the end of the festive season?