The turn of the decade. A new year. Resolutions, goals, a fresh start.

Does it all sound familiar?

January can be the time of year when we step back and reflect: what happened last year, what will happen this year, what do I want to achieve?

We have the chance to choose again how we want to live out our lives. (Do we not have this opportunity every day or do we live most of our days unaware of this?)

I’m going to use this vision pun now and will probably come back to it throughout the year!

I’ve not been for an eye test since I had a free one at primary school. I was told I had 20/20 vision when I was 7. That’s not a reason to not have another one for 14 years – my bad! 

Maybe it’s time we looked again with fresh perspective at how we’re living, how we go about our work and how we come across to those around us. What impact do we want to make?

(P.S. How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? If they’ve already fallen by the wayside, maybe try this. It’s what I’ve done for the past couple of years and has made a massive difference to how I try to live out the next year.

P.P.S. I need to book myself an eye-test soon!)