“The only perfection available to us is the honest acceptance of our own imperfection” – Fr. Richard Rohr

Perfection is not a moral checklist. We won’t tick all the boxes. This kind of living is unattainable because we are human and we all have our brokenness. The problem comes when we refuse to accept our humanity. Life is messy and despite our attempts to live the best we can, we will fall and fail.

When we can’t accept our humanity, we only project our own darkness elsewhere. The journey to fully accepting our “okayness” as humans is a life-long one. But when we fall, we can start to acknowledge that this is part of being human and we can choose to try and be a better person each day. This pattern of failing, humility, acceptance and love is what will move us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and allow us to be gentle with everyone around us – who funnily enough, is also a struggling human being!

Is there a part of you that you struggle to accept and love?