Confinement Is Not The Same As Exclusion

I found this programme my friend was watching the other day and it got me thinking about how we treat prisoners.

Yes, those who’ve committed crimes need to face justice for what they’ve done and they need time to be remorseful for hurting their victims. The victims and their loved ones deserve respect and justice too because they have to suffer the pain of the memories. This is not easy to say because I’ve not experienced someone I know being victim of a criminal offence and I know the pain of that would certainly influence me.

But I do feel as a society we don’t really want justice, but rather revenge on people. We think they should get what they deserve and that means in England and Wales anyway, locking them up in prisons with often appalling conditions and violence.

We need to change our perspective on those who are locked up in prisons. Do we want to exclude them from society and never allow them to resume their journeys of life, if they are remorseful for what they’ve done?

Yes, confinement is important for justice to be done, but do we want it to be the same as exclusion?