“That’s My Jam!”

Last week, I spent an afternoon working in a school with some A Level students, trying to help them with their Spanish. It was a great learning experience because I had the chance to see how both good and bad teaching is done. I’m not trying to devalue the hard work of teachers in schools because it is so important, but the person I was working with just didn’t have a clue what was going on around her. I like to think she was simply overworked, as sadly, many teachers are.

It was interesting because I’ve said for years that I never want to be a “teacher”. (A little bit like me saying I never want to go to uni it turns out!).

It’s something I’ve been reflecting on for a while now because I do think I’m called to teach in some way (maybe not in a formal institution, that’s at the mercy of Ofsted, but I could be wrong again!)

I texted a friend on the journey home and told them that I was in my element at the school. It was my Jam – working with young people who were passionate about languages. They wanted to learn and try different things, but also needed a little guidance along the way.

That’s what I hope to do with my teaching in the future. Not dictate from the front that “this is my way of doing things, so you must do it like this”, but instead join the students on their journey.

Have you found your “Jam” in the work you do?