Feeling Valued

Someone I know is really struggling in their relationship at the moment.

The sad reality is that it’s not working for either of the couple and it’s causing both a lot of pain. The person hasn’t been “alone since they were 16” in their own words and they seem to be afraid of what life might be like without a relationship.

They say that they love the other, but it seems that there’s a dependency on the other person and I think they know deep down that they’re both struggling to loving each other. The person themself has admitted that they like the attention they receive in the relationship.

This is normal because we all want to be seen and valued. But it is also a sad example of fear dictating a relationship, rather than love. Although it seems like the arguments, meaningless sex and silent hatred will continue until something happens:

Maybe they’ll cheat on me or I’ll cheat on them in Ibiza”.

In their own words. Is this what relationship is about?

What would be the most loving thing for them to do?