Something I often like to do is have friends around for a meal. However, I can be quite stressed when cooking. I try and juggle too many things. I’ve also tried cooking with my mum and we’ve fallen out too many times when she’s only been trying to help me!

I like to have everything properly prepared for the guests. However, when I get so stressed I can forget that the actual reason for the meal was to be with other people. Serve them, yes, but also be present and enjoy their company. I can be a bit of a “Martha” at times and forget this.

Other times, I’m able to be more like “Mary” and listen to others. I remember one occasion we were in the living room after the meal, and I just sat and listened to the other people there. I was able to fully enjoy their presence. That I think is a gift of being with friends. The warmth of friendship and knowing you are “at home” with certain people.

Could you gather some friends together for a group dinner this week?