Challenging Opinions

Not long ago, one friend at uni asked me my opinion on Gender and Sexuality over a facebook message.

I was surprised when I received the message, as we’ve had a few challenging conversations before, but wanting to give them the space the discuss, I said it would be better to chat in person.

I met with up with them and we had a very good chat. It was difficult at times because we clearly hold quite opposing views. I know for me that it’s so easy to write-off someone’s opinion because, to me, it seems absurd, offensive and ignorant. But I really tried to listen without judgement or cynicism.

I thanked the person after the chat because we spent a long time listening and debating with each other. We can strongly disagree, but we can also respect the other’s dignity and views. We can look at both opinions in a non-dual way and see how we’ve been influenced by others and our environment.

I hope we both learnt something because we need to dialogue with people we disagree with. It’s the only way we can move forward.

Why do you disagree with those who hold opposing views to you? What has influenced your own opinions?