Holding Grudges

Holding grudges is painful.

It’s harmful to us when we feel we’ve been wronged and it’s harmful to our relationship with the other person. 

This is normal and for a while, holding the pain is part of the healing process.

Often, it takes some form of Great Suffering to question why we’re holding a grudge. I spoke with a friend the other day and they told me how the death of someone made them question why they were still holding a grudge. 

“Life is too short to hold grudges. I don’t think my heart can take holding it for much longer”

My friend was right in both the physical and figurative sense. It’s actually very harmful to our health and can shorten our lives.

It’s sad that it often takes a tragedy to break through our everyday way of living and flip our perspective on life. But that is the path of Great Suffering – it moves us outside of ourselves into a Bigger Reality, where those around us and our relationships with them matter.

Is there a grudge you’re still holding onto? For how much longer?