Living For The Week…Day?

“Top of t’hill” 

That’s what our mum says on a Wednesday. It’s true in West, it is half way to the weekend. In other places the weekend is on other days – Friday and Saturday in Israel and some Islamic countries, for example. In Spain, I always enjoyed it when there was a “puente” because of a religious holiday, meaning a bank holiday weekend was 3 or even 4 days long!

But do we as a culture, “live for the weekend”?

For some, Saturday can’t come quick enough and we dread going back to work or school on Monday.

But what does the weekend have that other days don’t? More free time and less obligations?

Maybe we could change our perspective and try and live each day with a “new eagerness”. 

Every day we have is an opportunity to start again. To start afresh, to make mistakes, to learn, to choose to be better people and change in some small way every single day.

Do you find yourself living for the weekend?