The In-Tray

After listening to an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show with David Allen as his guest, I discovered this idea of the In-Tray from his book, GTD (Getting Things Done).

Obviously, having an in-tray is not a new concept, but hearing Allen talk about how we need to get tasks, work, project and ideas out of our heads and recording them externally really resonated with me. 

I like to think I’m quite organised, but when I go for an afternoon siesta, I often can’t sleep. All the things I’ve not thought of suddenly pop into my head and I’m reminded of an obligation I’d forgotten about or something I needed to do.

The In-Tray is the first step: getting things out of our minds and written down (on paper helps as digitally can be a attention grabber, but whatever works for you!).

Only once everything is down, you can move onto the next step, which is asking the question: What’s the next actionable decision I can take to move this thing forward? (Do it, delegate it or delete it)

When was the last time you got those ideas out of your head and into your In-Tray?

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