I wrote this on my mum’s birthday 6 months ago to this day. I want to take a moment to give thanks for all women. 

For those people who do not know, have struggled with or have lost their mothers.

For the women who sadly are not able to be a biological mother for one reason or another.

For those women who put their children up for adoption. For the women who become mothers to their adopted children.

For the women who conceive a child from rape or abuse. For the women who decide/are forced to/have to have an abortion.

For the women who are mothers to babies that suffer illness, disease or disability. For the women that have lost their babies.

For the women that find love with other women.

For the people that choose to identify as a woman. 

For the women who are single parents, sacrificing so much to raise their families.

There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for my beautiful, selfless and loving Mum, but I know not everyone has had the same experience.

This is for all women and all bodies.

This is for the divine feminine in all people. Thank you Mum for embodying this for me.