Challenge, Not Competition

Looking back on my time in the education system, I think a lot of it has been dictated by competition. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we’re taught as students that we must aim to be top of the class, get the highest grade and the best marks on the test. I struggled with this throughout high school, always feeling I wasn’t quite good enough.

I think it lessens somewhat at uni, or it has in my experience, because the work we do is for ourselves. Students are left to their own devices and although there is support, it’s our responsibility to do the work.

This mindset of competition can be unhealthy. It creates stingy people, who try to go one better than their classmates. I know, I was and still can be that person.

But what if we flip the perspective to one of challenge, not competition? When instead of trying to “Win”, so everyone else “Loses”, we challenge ourselves and those around us to do better? Working collaboratively, helping, teaching and learning together bears much more fruit for everyone than the race to the bottom of competition.

What’s your challenge for this week?

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