Moving Forwards Versus Moving On

With past memories that hurt, we can tell ourselves that we just need to “move on” and we’ll be fine. We can repress the pain we carry and convince ourselves that it was just only a mistake.

But by doing this, we can be stuck in the past without realising it and not actually be “moving forward”. We need to create forward momentum because we’re constantly changing. But moving forwards may mean stopping for a time to do the hard work of reflection:

  • Do I need to have a difficult conversation I don’t want to with someone?
  • Do I need to acknowledge this hurt I’m feeling in my body and what is my body telling me about it?
  • Do I need to apologise to someone and say “I made a mistake. I’m sorry”
  • Do I need the advice of someone to help me?

This takes time, but can’t be ignored. If we do, we just end up going in circles and not actually “moving forwards” – the direction we all need to go if we want to grow in our relationships with others and ourselves.

Is there something you’re trying to “Move On” from?