“One Lump”

A few weeks ago, I was really feeling overwhelmed at uni with a number of things. In that moment, I found myself so caught up in my own world I had to tell myself: “I need to move beyond my own ego here. There are others suffering a lot worse than me right now.”

Not to deny or disregard my struggles, but I think it’s important to connect our suffering to the “One Lump”. If we can universalise our suffering and know that we are suffering alongside those who are losing loved ones to illness, then we are participating in the Great Suffering of this world. If we become too lost in our own pain and ego, we separate ourselves from others’ suffering.

In reality, the whole world is suffering in one way or another. We can realise that we’re not that distant from our sisters and brothers in our pain. We all share this humanity of Great Love and Great Suffering.