No Phones

My phone broke a couple of weeks ago and having to leave it in a repair shop for that time changed the way I see technology in my life.

A fortnight ago, my phone refused to turn back on and I remember getting so stressed with it, I threw it across the room in anger. I was frustrated because I knew I was going to have to spend money on repairing it or get a new one. I couldn’t “afford” to do that for the time being and I was getting very worked up about it. 

Being without a phone in my pocket for two weeks has felt strange. Multiple times I’ve gone to my pocket to get out my phone and scroll, only to find nothing there. It’s been hard to contact people. I’ve only had my laptop, which isn’t the most portable. It’s made me reflect on my reliance on my phone and technology in general.

But it has quieted my mind. I haven’t felt the need to go on my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning and haven’t been able to do it at night either. Now I’m temporarily using an old brick phone and I’m getting used to it. What do we really need our phones for?

I’m using this as a lesson on the importance of disconnecting from the world at times.

Could you go a day without using your phone? What would that be like?