Journey, Not The Destination

When I did my Duke of Edinburgh award, I remember our group getting frustrated because the routes we had to walk were always circular. We would spend three or four days walking in a huge loop around the Derbyshire or Yorkshire countryside, only to finish close to where we started on the first day.

Why were we doing this?

We wanted to feel like we were going somewhere. We wanted to reward of feeling like we’d make progress and covered some distance, not to return to where we had started. A friend pointed this lesson out to me when I was retelling the story last weekend:

We had changed. We weren’t the same people we were when we’d started. On the surface we were fitter; we were exhausted. We had also had some very profound conversations. We had learnt about ourselves and each other.

It didn’t matter where the finished. It mattered that we had journeyed. We can get caught up in reaching a destinationl, we forget that success is found not in the end goal, but in the process of learning, of journeying of changing.

Where are you journeying in your life right now?