German Grammar

I really enjoy German grammar.

For most people, it’s probably not something that sparks a lot of joy. That’s fine. I’m not most people and they’re not me. We’re all different and that is so good.

I think the same about my translation lecturer. I was telling a friend last week that I don’t know how someone can be so passionate about something so boring! But it’s not boring for the lecturer. It’s only “boring” in my opinion.

We need to be passionate about something. Especially as teachers, creators and leaders, we need to show others what joy can be like where they’ve not found it before. If they’re not in on the joke. That’s fine. They’ll find their passion somewhere else. But for those we seek to serve, we need to tell a story that they want to hear and one that resonates with them.

What are you passionate about that you find many others aren’t?

Can you cultivate joy in the “boring” this week?