A Voice For The Voiceless

“It is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing” – St. Oscar Romero

Last Tuesday was the second Feast Day of St. Oscar Romero. I want to share his story that I found on the Blessed Is She website:

Oscar Romero was among the most unlikely to be chosen for his assignment as Archbishop of El Salvador. Due to the tumultuous and violent time in the country’s history, his appointment was expected to be a non-event by the local government. It was feared to be a non-event by local clergy who had seen the outright abuse of the Salvadoran people and their need for a voice.

However, Romero’s heart along with his leadership were transformed by the people whom he shepherded. These people were at the mercy of a corrupt government.

Rather than being elected as one who might maintain the status quo in times of political unrest—keeping clear distinct lines between Church and state—Romero became a champion of the poor. In doing so, he invited tremendous controversy in his local community and beyond.

Reading again about his life made me reflect on how, despite the coronavirus pandemic worldwide impact, the cause of the poor goes silently unnoticed.

Right now, the world appears to be participating in a Great Suffering, but when this pandemic (hopefully) soon passes, will we return to our old ways?

Or will collective suffering transform the way we see Our Neighbour and the cause of the poor all around us?