Digging A Hole

Is digging a hole the only work where you start at the top?

It can seem like some people have been gifted things on a (silver) plate. For some privileged people, that might be true.

But most of the time, it takes long, hard work to get anywhere near the top. Week after week, month after month, year after year. And the hard work doesn’t stop once you reach “the top”. Just look at any world class athlete who has remained a champion for a long time. The work gets harder. It’s about digging deeper.

But how do we get there? 

Every single day we can choose to dig a little bit more. To contribute, to create, to serve something or someone each day.

It’s the repetition of tiny, every day actions that compounds to create growth.

What are you digging towards daily at the moment?

P.S. I hope you can allow the little April Fool’s joke in the blog post earlier today and I haven’t dug myself too much of a hole!

Keep safe and healthy with your loved ones.