Given that the spread of COVID-19 is meaning we are having to spend extended periods of time at home, we may find that we have a lot of “downtime” on our hands.

This can be strange and we may find ourselves at odds at how best to spend this time. We wonder:

Should I be doing something?

What’s next on the do list?

Should I be resting?

Is this time off?

A word that might be useful comes from agriculture: fallowing

“To leave land plowed and unseeded for a season”

With this “extra time” we find we have, it might be good to use it as a period of regeneration for ourselves. Regeneration in our relationships with our loved ones, our health and well-being, our mental health. However you feel you need it.

This is an opportunity to take stock in the short term for the benefit of the long term.

How will you invest this time?

Which area of your life needs “fallowing” right now?