An Easter Poem

I write this poem at the turn of the year and found it again the other week. It was originally titled “A Poem for the New Year” and inspired by St. John Henry Newman. After experiencing the past few weeks and the change it has brought, I thought it was appropriate to post it today. I hope you like it. Happy Easter!

We want Light without Darkness

We want the highs without the lows

We want happiness without sadness

We want Love without Suffering

We want Life without Death.

We seek Perfection where it can’t be found,

Thinking we can achieve this without changing often,

Expecting things to run smoothly without bumps in the road.

But the journey is long and begins with a step.

It is hard. We fall; not knowing whether to go the right or left.

But we shall be taught by Life in all of its fullness.

Look at the World! In Nature there we can see:

The joy of summer,

The dying of Autumn,

The grave of Winter,

The hope of Spring and the promise of new life.

It is by falling that we rise,

By failing that we succeed.

In our weakness; we are strong.

We will be found in the desert.

At the end of the night, the morning comes

And the sun rises to tell us:

 “All shall be well”