Smile Like You Mean It

When I’ve been out over the past few weeks for my one, state-approved daily walk, I’ve noticed that the usual cheeriness of fellow walkers seems to have changed. Normally, the majority of people who you meet walking in the UK tend to greet each other and smile.

However, since the daily stroll became state-sanctioned, many people have ignored the greeting, given suspicious looks and even turned their backs. Instead of spreading kindness, we seem to be wrapped up in fear.

The two-metre apart rule of social distancing is critical for public health during this pandemic, but does that mean we have to stop being kind?

I think my mum was right when she said: “it’s times like this when we should be making more of an effort to be kind to those around us”.

Of course, keep your social distance, but how can you spread kindness to those you encounter this week?