Compromising Happiness

I was telling a friend about how stressed I was getting with uni work a few weeks ago and they asked me this question:

“If you’re allowing it to compromise your happiness, why are you doing it?”

The work we do is important. Whether it’s deadlines, projects, exams, assignments – they all have their value.

But I’m not at uni to compromise my happiness. My friend told me I am there to grow, to learn and to enjoy the gift that is education. Not everyone is entitled to that gift. Our work matters, but if we’re not finding joy in it and it’s becoming a chore, rather than a chance to serve others and make things better, then we need to question why we’re doing what we do. 

Fast forward a few weeks and the rapid changes to everyone’s lives has put my worry about my own small bit of uni work in perspective.

Are you allowing something to compromise your happiness at the moment?

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