Building Habits

I was speaking with a friend recently about learning Spanish and while sending them some resources I had found useful as a beginner, I realised how long I’d been learning it and how far I’d come.

Another friend recently commented on the short bursts of work I do, while they admitted they need to sit down for at least an hour or two to get going.

It’s been 8 years since I started watching a Youtube video a day whilst eating my breakfast and the reality of that journey struck me.

Since I read the Slight Edge a number of years ago, I’ve been trying to implement the philosophy ever since. Studying languages is one of the main ways it helps me, but I think the lessons apply to many areas of life.

“Easy to do, Easy not to do” is one of the repeated lines from the book.

What tiny action will you choose to do today that you can do tomorrow and the day after that? 

What habit do you want to build?