Scared To Post

I posted on Facebook for the first time recently.

When I first got on social media I tried to use it often, to interact with friends, have a voice and speak up.

But after I left school and sixth form college, I decided to have a “cleanse” from social media. It used to make me feel rubbish because I was constantly comparing myself to other people and their lives online.

In reality, it seems to be the culture that we post our “best bits” or highlights on social media. This isn’t bad in and of itself, but paints a false picture of how we actually live – the day to day, the ups and downs, joys, struggles and suffering.

It’s sad that we feel we can’t show our true selves online – one on hand it’s important for our professional lives – but at the same time, we can craft an image that blurs the lines between who we actually are and what our lives are really like.

Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid to share how we really are online. We could change the culture and create communities where we can be vulnerable and share our struggles, rather than racing to compete and compare ourselves all the time.

How do you cultivate your social media presence?