“To Those Who Gave So Much, We Thank You”

Today would’ve been my Grandad’s birthday.

He was one of the many who went and give their lives for the greater good in the Second World War. I wasn’t old enough to remember much about him, but our family was blessed that he came home all those years ago. I wish he was still here to be able to ask him about his stories, but my Mum says he never really talked about it when he came home.

As I gazed out of my bedroom window, during the two minutes silence on VE Day last Friday, I thought about the young people who went off to war. Young people my age and younger who gave their lives, so that we might live in a more peaceful world.

As the world experiences a different kind of adversity, we all have the opportunity to come together and give something of ourselves for our neighbours, our communities and the greater good.

To all the women and men who gave so much, we thank you. May we be able to follow their example, bringing justice and peace to our world.