Everyone Is A Teacher

I was ranting to a friend recently about my frustration at the UK education system.

We spoke about our experiences of it and how some people who are not academic can be left behind.

We both had experiences sitting with classmates who were at different levels of understanding from us. Sometimes they helped us understand more. Other times, we helped others.

My friend came up with a cracking line: “we’re all teachers”

I think there is truth in this. We all have opportunities to teach those around us, whatever our work is. We don’t have to be qualified in the education system to do it. We can show others in the way we live our lives, by our example, and help them to do the same. 

We all want to help others and we all want to be helped.

When was a time in your life where you were a teacher to someone else?

Is there an opportunity to teach this week?