The Co-op Dilemma

A friend of mine told me a story about their Grandma. After weeks confined to her house all alone, she decided she’d had enough and took the bus to go shopping. Baring in mind she’s in her 90’s, it probably wasn to be the most sensible thing to do right now. Her reason was that she wanted to pick her own fruit and vegetables, rather than having her family choose for her and bring them to her house.

When the old lady revealed this to my friend, an argument ensued and my friend was forced into taking her shopping again. They didn’t want to, but if they hadn’t, her Grandma was threatening to take the bus again that day.

My friend felt guilty because they knew they shouldn’t be with their Grandma, but public transport is a greater risk of infection. She felt judged by the people looking at her waiting in the carpark, while a 90 year-old went about with her trolley, to and from the car.

“I could die anytime. There’s no point in me sitting at home being miserable for the next, and potentially last, few months of my life”

That’s what the old lady said.

The issue here is not about fruit and vegetables. It’s about freedom and independence. We want the freedom to choose what we do. When that is taken away, we feel threatened and make decisions based on that fear.

When was a time you felt your independence was taken away from you?