Permission To Feel

“People who don’t think they’re allowed to their feelings, because they ‘have it good’, are usually more at risk” – Esther Perel

We need to give others and ourselves permission to feel “not okay”.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with our negative emotions, especially if we’ve lived our lives with the responsibility of always having to cheer others up.

Some of us may have the pressure to always be “great” or “fine” and feel like we have to emphasise this.

But what would it take for us to finally give ourselves permission to not always have to be “great”?

To feel “great” right now, is probably out of touch with reality – we may grateful, humble, relieved – but not “great”. This is disconnected from the global situation.

We may feel internally that we don’t have the permission to feel anything but “great/fine/in charge/in control”.

Unfortunately, if we constantly believe we are or have to be in control, we will eventually be broken by suffering.

It takes humility to say: “I’m not in control.

Is there something you’re trying to control in your life right now?

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