Breaking The Routine

Over the past few weeks of lockdown, I’ve personally found that a routine has helped give some structure to my days. Given that I had a few uni exams to revise for, I needed the routine to help me be discliplined in my work.

However, what I’ve struggled to do (and it’s something I wrestled with most weeks) is to disconnect and unwind at the weekends. For me, I’m so tired from the week that I end up “wasting” my weekends by not doing very much.

It’s important to rest and recharge the batteries, but doing nothing and having a “lazy day” every weekend often makes me feel rubbish.

Having restful leisure is important and I think it’s better than doing nothing on the weekend – nothing, perhaps being playing on a console or streaming netflix all weekend. These things aren’t objectively bad, but don’t really help to nurture us, feed us and help us truly rest. 

It’s something I’m trying to be more conscious of and make my weekends fruitful through leisure; that might be spending time with my friends, family, reading, exercising or playing the guitar.

What are the ways you make time for leisure on your weekends? 

How do you break your weekday routine and rest?