A Third Way

Something I’ve been struggling with during the pandemic is my fluctuations between cynicism about the situation and my naivety to what’s really happening.

Some days, I refuse to watch or read the news because it’s flooded with negativity and sensationalist stories that spread fear.

Others days, I read inspiring stories about everyday heroes that instill hope. A few times, I’ve felt detached because I can’t process the scale of the worldwide suffering that’s taking place. 

But is there another way?

A third or middle way may hold both the negative and positive in contemplation. Acknowledging that suffering is happening, but also recognising the acts of love in our communities. 

It’s this third way of contemplation that allows us to be hopeful without being naive, joyful without being blind to suffering and kind without being cynical.

How can you practise a non-dual – “Third Way” – perspective of processing things this week?

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