Giving Advice

I told a friend at the turn of the year that my “resolution” was to stop giving advice because recently it hadn’t seemed to have any great effect. I’d watched friends, who’d come to me for advice, making the mistakes I adviced against.

I think the problem was that in my desire to help, the advice I gave didn’t resonate with them. Instead, it probably sounded like someone was giving them a lecture they didn’t want to hear, despite there being perhaps some truth in the words.

The advice we give must come from a place of love. When the desire to control or change people takes priority over this love, it won’t resonate with those who want to make their own choices.

We need to try and help others, but from a place of love. If it’s not love focused, it will likely be ignored.

When was the last time you gave someone advice? Did they heed it?

When was the last time you sought out someone for advice? Did you heed it?