Empowerment Is Choice

I’ve been reflecting on empowerment and talking to people about what it means to them. I was chatting with one friend about the role of women and how she sees herself. She told me that she likes cooking, doing things for others and being hospitable, not because she’s a woman, but because she cares about others.

It’s 2020 and this still needs to be said.

She told me about how she gets frustrated at those who choose to disdain women who like to stay at home, be mothers and raise their families. Just as much as she is frustrated by everyday sexism.

Each individual deserves a choice. She believes it’s not her responsibility to tell other women how to live. 

She thinks some people can go too far the other way and throw out everything that was “old”. Some people think it has no value and that everything must be “new”.

Empowerment is about giving people choice.

It’s not telling certain people they need to do certain things, act in certain ways and be certain people. It’s about teaching, learning and listening, not telling people “this is the way it is and has to be”. 

That sounds an awful lot like school.

When was a time you felt empowered?