Thank You, Instead Of Sorry

Something I’m trying to work on is saying “Thank You” more often than constantly apologising for things. When I say apologising, I mean saying “Sorry” when no offence has been caused.

Obviously, if we’ve wronged someone it’s important to ask for forgiveness, but I don’t think we need to be constantly saying “Sorry” when we haven’t done anything wrong.

“Sorry, could I just ask something?”

“Sorry” for feeling upset.

“Sorry” for talking so much.

I think it’s about politeness and there’s nothing wrong with being polite. But when we feel the need to apologise when no offence has been caused, we need to stop and think about the effect this has.

Constantly apologising puts into a cycle of guilt – we’re always in the wrong or we’re afraid to have an opinion.

Instead, it can be to an opportunity to practise gratitude.

Instead of feeling like we have to say “Sorry” for feeling upset, we can take the opportunity to thank the Other for listening.

Instead of feeling guilty for having an opinion, we can say “Thank You” for being able to speak up.

If the opportunity presents it today, how you say “Thank You”, instead of “Sorry”?